Rock College IS THE BEST hands down Rock Band format class in the world. We let the bands collaborate amongst one another and pick songs they would like to learn and perform as well as getting to work with professionals on writing their OWN original song, they will learn the “ do’s “ and “ don’ts “ of how to be in a professional rock band, how to market themselves, promoting, and then get to record all of their songs in a PROFESSIONAL RECORDING STUDIO, and of course how to “ ROCK “ on stage. No other band format program offers all this for one low price of $200.00 Rock College is an eight week, one hour per week, supervised band format Rock class. Registered students of similar age and ability will be brought together by members of our expert teaching staff and taught a minimum of two popular songs and one original to be performed in front of an audience. So the minimum is 3 songs, but we do not put limits on how many songs can be learned and played by the show. So let’s just say UNLIMITED SONGS can be learned within the 8 weeks then played at the graduating show. The concert performance will be held approximately one week after graduation at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook, Badda Brew in Joliet, or MoJo’s in Joliet. Tailgaters has the best arena lighting in Chicago and is also the place REAL Rock Stars come and perform when in town such as, Dokken, Great White, Skid Row, George Lynch, Jakkal, to name a few. Each student will be given a graduation professionally recorded cd of their original song and cover songs on the eighth week of rehearsals. A professionally recorded live DVD of the graduation performance will be available for sale two weeks or so after the concert performance. We have a limited number of Saturday classes so spots will fill up quickly. Please sign up early to assure you will be a part of this wonderfully fun and educational class.

** Additional rehearsal days will open if program fills to try and accommodate. **
No refunds will be issued after class starts!

Letter to ALL parents of Rock College bands

This is a letter to ask for all you parents in helping Rock College to be the best musical band format by organizing out side band rehearsals, once a week for 60min. here at Rock College. is not enough for any band. We suggest in organizing an additional 2 hr. rehearsal outside of Rock College rehearsal. Our goal is two songs the Rock College bands pick from their favorite artists, and one original song within the 8 scheduled rehearsals. We have noticed as you can understand, that a band that practices more weekly can surpass their goal of three songs and maybe do as many as 6 songs by the graduation concert. This has been done in the past. So if you will, please encourage an additional band practice weekly.. * ALL* bands will receive a schedule outline at first Saturday rehearsal, or you have received this at orientation. All band mates phone numbers will be given at orientation to make the outside rehearsals happen. * I mean come on, this is how a band has to make it in the business!

Practice, practice, practice!!!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this manner.

Musically yours,

Mike Semerau ( drums / coordinator / owner )



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